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Sound Facilitates Wellness

Quantum physics says everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even we are vibrational beings having physical experience. Benefits of sound therapy and meditation have been studied and has shown positive results.



When depression gets a hold of you and colour all aspects of your life. It’s sometimes hard to reach out for help- but now you’ve found sound therapy...
Sound therapy has been found to help to support those suffering from depression by bombarding the ear and brain with mega-doses of high-frequency sounds. These are in fact high energy vibrations, which can help to life the listener’s state of vitality. It is also possible that Sound Therapy may stimulate the brain to begin naturally producing and utilizing some of the neurotransmitters that create positive emotional states. It is common for Sound Therapy listeners to report greater states of well-being, happiness and an end to depressed feeling.

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Great news for those who are overwhelmed by anxiety or panic attacks! Sound Therapy calms and harmonizes the entire nervous system bringing deep and lasting relief and works to release the cause from subconscious mind which was creating situations.
Some common symptoms of anxiety include:
• Hot and cold flushes
• Sleeplessness
• Racing heart
• Tightening of the chest
• Ruminative, repetitive worrying
• Obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior

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If you desire being able to get deep refreshing sleep whenever you need, Sound Therapy is the perfect solution to treating the cause of sleeplessness.
Anxiety is frequently the cause of poor sleep. Insomnia is caused by excessive cortical activity that cannot be stopped. Though Sound Therapy recharges the brain for activity during the day, it also has a calming effect which enables the listener in nearly every case to slip easily and quickly into sleep. While the brain and the nervous system are stimulated by the sound, this results not in a hyperactive state but in a state of active serenity, which allows for deep rest. Sleeplessness due to anxiety can also be resolved.
Survey results indicate that between approx. 80 percent of Sound Therapy listeners notice an improvement in their sleep. Many insomniacs experience an immediate and dramatic improvement in their sleep.

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Chronic Disease

If you suffering from any kind of disease, it means you are in a particular thought and emotional pattern on subconscious level which has manifested as disease in physical body. It’s good to consult with a medical professional in such case but if you combine sound therapy with it, it accelerates the healing process. With sound therapy we can work on emotions and thoughts which creating this situation and we can resolve it too.
Even famous author Deepak Chopra says in his quote, “The body is held together by sound. The presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.”

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Relationship issues 

If you are struggling in maintaining good relationship or any kind of relationship issue. It may be some limiting beliefs in subconscious mind about self-worth or relationships which your subconscious projecting in your physical reality. With sound therapy it is possible to find out what beliefs and emotions are creating such loop to project these situations and can be release.

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Addiction is most commonly associated with gambling, drugs — both illicit and prescription — alcohol and nicotine, but it's possible to be addicted to anything, such as:

work — workaholics are obsessed with their work to the extent that they suffer physical exhaustion. If your relationship, family and social life are suffering and you never take holidays, you may be a work addict.
computers — as computer use has increased, so too has computer addiction. People may spend hours each day and night surfing the internet or playing games while neglecting other aspects of their lives.
shopping — shopping becomes an addiction when you buy things you don't need or want in order to achieve a buzz. This is quickly followed by feelings of guilt, shame or despair.
Whatever a person is addicted to, they can't control how they use it, and they may become dependent on it to get through daily life.

Symptoms of addiction
People may or may not know they are addicted. The symptoms that indicate you, or someone you know, has an addiction include:
1. Repeating a behaviour even though it interferes with your life
2. Losing interest in other things
3. Being angry, violent, moody, or depressed
4. Seeing changes in eating habits, sleeping habits, or weight
5. Feeling sick or shaky when trying to quit.

Addiction is similar to other chronic diseases in the following ways:
It is preventable
It is treatable
It changes biology
If untreated, it can last a lifetime

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Obesity (Overweight Issues)

The disease of obesity is associated with a significant psychosocial burden. Many individuals who have obesity also struggle with issues related to their mood, self-esteem, quality of life, and body image.
People who have tried everything but haven't got desired result or have made mind several times but couldn't take action, can avail benefit of combination of sound therapy and NLP techniques to get rid of overweight issue.

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Self Sabotage
Breaking the Patterns of Negative Thinking

According to the some research a person normally takes approx. 70000 thoughts in a day while awake. All this happens on subconscious level. If patterns or programs in subconscious mind are negative then thoughts will be negative. In such case it's nearly impossible to live beautiful desired life because subconscious plays the loop of self sabotage and self-doubt. To break this pattern sound therapy with NLP techniques works very effectively to rewire negative patterns into positive one.

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"I was in depression from last 5 years. I was always worried what will happen to my family if something goes wrong with me. I was living in the fear in every single moment. Being a man, it was hard to share my situation with anyone. Someone refers about Gurdeep's services. After two months having session from Gurdeep, I am able to live a normal life. I heard depression can not be cured, but I can't feel it anymore. I am so grateful I met Gurdeep."

"I was suffering from irritate bowl syndrome from more than 2 years. I had visited doctors and had various tests but couldn't get any help. Problem was increasing by time. Then someone recommended Gurdeep. I joined 8 weeks program and after first session I felt a lot relief. I was so surprised that how emotions and thoughts affect physical health. After having sessions from Gurdeep my perspective has changed. I highly recommend his services." 

My limiting beliefs were a hurdle in my progress and I came to know how important was it to release them from my subconscious mind. The session itself was quite relaxing and I was given continuous guidance and support to recover. I feel more confident, happy and no more anxiety. A big thanks to Gurdeep and he is very professional and compassionate in his approach. I would highly recommend sessions with him if you want quick relief from issues like anxiety or depression.

My 8 years old son was going through severe anxiety. I couldn't understand why this happened to him in such a little age. Doctors couldn't do much about it. My friend told me about Gurdeep. Gurdeep is amazing in working with subconscious issues. He told me how beliefs and emotions in subconscious work in our life. He did amazing job. My son feels a lot better. I am happy with the results.

Relationship part was always hard for me. I divorced twice. Same situations happened twice but different person. Gurdeep told me it's a loop, until I will not change my resonance, I will keep attracting people in life who will create same situations and I will feel same emotions again. Gurdeep did amazing job. I wasn't aware that how subconscious run the show of life. Gurdeep cleared those negative patterns and released my traumas, I feel like new now. I feel the change in my relationship with my current partner.

I am running my own business from last 10 years. It was going ok but I was not getting desired results out of it. I did everything in my reach but couldn't achieve what I wanted. I came to know that how resonance plays a great role in life. Gurdeep has profound knowledge in setting resonance. He worked on my belief system and results were fabulous. With this new perspective I am able to understand things from different level. I am achieving my goals and also able to balance my life in every area.

"Gurdeep Remi is a remarkable man! I have been seeing Gurdeep for the past few months for the stress and anxiety He helped me to resolve my emotional issues. Thanks to Gurdeep. He is the most knowledgeable therapist I have ever met. The way in which he articulates information and relates it to your experiences with examples and metaphors speaks right to your soul. He has a unique gift and an innate knowing to pinpoint exactly how you think, feel and act coupled with the answers on how to change it for excellent results. Personally, I have never felt so understood by a person. He even helps me to know myself better. Thanks to Gurdeep. l have achieved a whole new level of consciousness and growth. Highly recommend Gurdeep - he is the real deal."

"Gurdeep has provided a lot of help for me to overcome my long term stressors and fears. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the mind-body energy connection. I highly recommend Gurdeep to those who struggle with long term unresolved health and personal issues. He provides indescribable powerful healing experiences."

"Gurdeep knows what he does. His work was life changing. It helped me on levels, emotionally, financially and others. It not only helped me but also my family simply by working on me. I have seen 180 degree shift in my life after Gurdeep's work."

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