Sonic Vibrational Chakra Alignment

It is imperative to our health and wellbeing that our chakra system is functioning at it’s best. We are energetic beings and our energetic system needs constant maintenance. When energy blockages accumulate in our energetic systems, a disruption in a flow through the chakras result and this can create dis-ease and effect our physical, mental and emotional health. Throughout our lives we collect information in the Energy system, this input in and around us is constantly affecting our chakras and our energy field. Things like: Fear, Programming from when we grew up, (if we experience trauma and abuse at the different developmental stages in our lives), Not having our needs met, Self-imposed restrictions, Abuse, Conflict, Emotional upset, Loss, Accidents, Stress, Anxiety, EMF’s and radiation.
Sonic vibrational chakra alignment is best way to bring optimum balance back with the help of instruments and your own voice.

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